Steps to Selling your Property

propertyprices_195The process of selling property is often seen as being complicated especially when you involve estate agents. However, this is not the case as you can sell property in eight simple steps. If you are looking to sell your property, consider the following steps:

  • Property valuation and quote

Before putting your property up for sale on the property market, you need to determine its worth as well as the cost of selling it. You can get three estate agents to do a free valuation or do your valuation online. You may also ask the estate agent for the fees involved so that you are able to compare before settling on one.

  • Choose an estate agent

Once you have received the quotes from various estate agents, you need to choose one agent whose terms and conditions you are agreement with especially the terms of contract and the fees. You may then let the agent market and sell your property on your behalf.

  • Arrange for photos and a home report

Photos are a crucial element when it comes to marketing your property. Thus, the estate agent will arrange for a professional photographer to come and take photos of the property. The measurements as well as floor plan sketches also need to be captured. The agent will also arrange to have a home report from a chartered surveyor even as marketing materials and schedules are prepared. You will be required to approve these materials before moving on to the next stage.

  • Your property goes live

Once the marketing materials and photos of the property are ready, the property will go live on the property market. This includes the For Sale board containing details of the property as well as marketing sites.

  • Make arrangements for viewing

Depending on the terms of contract, you may conduct viewings of the property when you receive inquiries from prospective buyers. Even then, be sure to first establish their buying position so that you are only dealing with serious buyers.

  • Receive offers and negotiate

Buyers who have viewed the property may extend offers that you may need to negotiate before accepting. This is to ensure that you get the best price possible. The estate agency you are working with may help you by explaining to you in detail what the offer entails. Ultimately, it is upon you to decide if you will accept the offer or not.

  • Conveyancing

When you accept the offer, the next thing is conveyancing that is the legal process of transferring property ownership to the buyer. Here, you also ensure that a proper contract has been done. If you are selling to buy another property, the conveyancing process will also be done at this stage.

  • Complete the sale

When the legal work is done, the sale is completed on the agreed date and the keys to the property handed to the buyer. The estate agent will receive the payment on your behalf. More paperwork may be done before you get the money.

Overall, the process of selling property is not complicated, as it only requires that you follow a few procedures and you will have prospective buyers calling before you finally sell the property.