Preparing your Property for Sale

Although you may have settled on using an estate agent to sell your property, that is not enough as you need to prepare the property for the market. Consequently, you will need get your marketing materials ready soon after selecting an estate agent that you will use.

propertyprices_1611This usually entails a number of things among them taking photographs of the property and preparing advertisements for the property. Remember, photographs form the main visual interest of the advertisement hence the need to ensure that it is as appealing as possible.

You may want to consider bringing in a professional photographer that will take high quality photos of certain aspects of your home, such as quality kitchen worktops that will give the property a bright and spacious look that are important in attracting prospective buyers to come and view. Remember, this should not only be an illusion because when the viewers come, they will expect the property to be as appealing as possible.

Taking Photographs

The photographs of your property are a major determiner of whether you shall have a stream of viewers or not. Therefore, it is recommended that a professional interior design photographer take these photos, as they are able to capture the property uniquely so that it communicates a compelling story. Besides, the photographer may combine years of experience and a specialist camera to capture spectacular images. Lastly, being a third party, the photographer will see the property with a different eye, probably not how buyers would see it.

Generating promotional material

Many times, it is the estate agent that will prepare promotional materials the usually include advertisements that are placed on national property portals, local websites, printed property brochures, schedules or even advertisements for the evening paper. You need to check about these before signing the estate agent contract as some of these are offered as standard by the estate agent while other must be paid for separately in addition to the estate agency fee. If your property is not in a great area, for example some parts of Liverpool are run down, you can include things to do in Liverpool as part of your material so potential buyers know what things there are to do for their kids.

Have a floor plan

One of the things that sellers grapple with is whether they should have a floor plan or not. Generally, it is recommended that you have floor plan. This usually gives a visual presentation of your property’s layout so that buyers have an idea of how the rooms are positioned. Floor plans have been known to attract more interest from prospective buyers while increasing the sales. The good thing is that these plans are not expensive yet they contribute a huge amount to marketing the property.

Getting ready for views

Here, you need to think about depersonalizing your property as much as possible. This leaves room for prospective buyers to imagine themselves together with their furniture in the property. Even then, you need to balance so that it still has the feeling of being a home that is occupied. Ultimately, keep in mind that the potential buyer is the king.

Keep it clean and tidy

You will do well to declutter and declutter some more. You will do well to put the stuff that you do not need to use on a regular basis in boxes and store it way. This usually makes it easy to access cupboard space as well as space for storage other things.

Selling property involves persuading prospective buyers to go for your property, as it is the best. Therefore, you need to put in a little more effort to ensure that your property stands out from the crowd.

Remember, there is competition from other properties that are also on sale on the property market. As such, you must put in a little effort in ensuring that you attract buyers for your property.

Tips to Increase the Value of your Property before a Sale

When seeking to sell property, you definitely look forward to attaining the best price. This is done after analysing the property valuation report. As such, you need to consider improving doing certain things to improve the worth of your property prior to property valuation. These go a long way in improving the appeal of your property.propertyprices_2366

Here are some tips to increase the value of your property:

  • Declutter – Getting rid of clutter is a great start to increasing the value of your home. Decluttering is a good way of creating an impression of space and light in your property. Light and space are a great selling point as they make great photos while leaving room for imagination for the buyer to imagine the house with their own furniture. When combined with floor plans, great photos as well as clear copy they will maximise the impact marketing of your property.
  • Create a lasting first impression – You only have one chance to make a lasting first impression therefore, you will do well to make your property stand out from the crowd as this creates competition between buyers. This way, you are able to get a good selling price.
  • Redecorate – A little redecorating is a great way of putting your property ahead of competition. The good thing is that you do not have to redecorate the entire place rather, you can just focus on a small area that will have a great impact by making the property more appealing.
  • Improve the curb appeal – The exterior of your property usually determines if a prospective buyer will be interested in the property or not. Regardless of the season, always ensure that you improve the exterior appeal of your property. For instance, you can consider introducing potted plants that add a splash of colour to the garden and the curb appeal in general.
  • Spring clean – Work on your bathrooms and kitchen to ensure they gleam. In particular, consider resealing the wet areas as well as re-grouting areas those areas that are prone to staining. When your bathrooms and kitchen are clean and ready to use, it enhances the buyer’s feeling to want to move in.

Adding a dash of colour to the rooms will go a long way in improving the appeal of the property especially if you have moved out already. Fresh flowers, towels as well as bright bedspreads help here. In addition, be sure to replace carpets that are stained and damaged. A new and clean carpet gives a buyer the feeling of a having new car. If your carpets require freshening up, you can hire a local cleaner or borrow a machine and clean it yourself.

Overall, the journey to selling begins with property valuation. Thus, you need to maximise the appeal of your property by implementing the tips discussed above. This way, you can be sure to not only increase the value of your property but also make the most of your investment through a handsome return.